Tending the wild


Is environmental knowledge gained over millennia still relevant today? 

"Tending the Wild" shines light on the traditional ecological knowledge of indigenous peoples across California. The series examines how humans are an important part of the balance of nature, and how traditional practices can inspire a new generation of Californians to tend their environment.

Directed by Christine Yuan
Episodes Streaming on KCET, Hourlong special airs Jan. 2017




How do you define a museum in the 21st century?

Artbound explores the programming of the Museum of Contemporary Art, investigating new programming and curatorial methods that are redefining what it means to be a 21st century museum. This documentary features the The Underground Museum, Wolvesmouth, and Public Fiction.

Directed by Christine Yuan
Airing on KCET / Streaming on Hulu
Currently nominated for a National Arts + Entertainment Journalism Award

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Profiling successful cannabis users in an effort to dispel the stoner stereotype.

Brewing never sleeps as our cameras take you on a tour of Lagunitas Brewing Company with CEO Tony Magee. The northern California operation sits adjacent to a 20-acre farm, where the close-knit team brews the beer of the future.

Directed by Wrong for Snoop Dogg's MerryJane.com
Featured at Playboy and Forbes

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