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Bose x NFL - 2020 Virtual Draft Cinemagraphs

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CHALLENGE: Bose has a huge presence at the NFL Draft each year, debuting their new Team Bose players with live fan experiences and content capture. The 2020 Draft was held virtually for the first time ever, due to nationwide stay at home orders. Bose approached Wrong Creative to find a way to create premium content with their 15x new Team Bose players seated from their couches Draft night.

SOLUTION: Wrong proposed a streamlined process to create 15x custom animated cinemagraphs in real-time during the draft to maintain Bose’s share of voice. We crafted 15x player likenesses, frames, 32x team animated logos, and 3x backgrounds in advance of the Draft. On the night of the Draft, we assembled Cinemagraphs as each player was picked in 10-minute intervals - adding pick number, team logo, and changing clothing colors to match the appropriate teams. 

THE RESULTS: Wrong successfully delivered each asset to be published on Bose’s channels within 15 -20 minutes of each pick. Players then shared their cinemagraphs on Instagram and Instagram Stories the following day. The organic results:

VIEWS: 2,500,000