How did an industry built on creativity become so hung up on one “right” way to do things? 

Unimpressed by the blueprint for content creation, we decided to try things the “Wrong” way. Turns out…it works! 

Wrong Creative is a unique content shop performing at the intersection of traditional and experimental advertising and media. We deliver best in class creative, production and social strategy to our brand, network, and agency partners.


Jenna Sereni

Jenna Sereni

VP Creative Ad Solutions, Viacom

"Wrong Creative has been one of our go-to partners to tackle creative and production challenges for the past three years. They have at times essentially become a part of our team, collaborating on more than 30 projects together. Our friends at Wrong have creative vision to go beyond what is required to always ensure we're getting the best possible product that earns the best results for our clients. Their work on MTV, Coca-Cola, H&M and other accounts has increased our benchmarks for creativity and engagement across the board.”

Juan Devis

Juan Devis

Chief Content Officer - KCET, PBS So Cal, LINK TV

"I’ve collaborated with Wrong Creative on five major documentary projects. While their production capabilities are first in class, what distinguishes them as an exceptional partner is their ability to co-develop each project, helping hone in on story and visual language. They continually rise to the occasion in complex and challenging situations and help elevate our documentaries and raise the bar for future projects."